Why an Underground Shelter?

Here are just a few reasons why people choose to place a secure protective shelter underground

Secure Food Storage Area

Underground is an ideal place to store and preserve food in the event of a disaster or food shortage for any reason. Like a root cellar, the temperature underground remains fairly constant and cool compared to surface temperatures.

Severe Climate and Storm Protection

If there is ever a severe climate change situation on the surface of the earth then one of safest places would be underground below the storm.

Solar Flare Gamma Radiation Protection

Intense level solar flare activity has been increasing beyond levels ever recorded before. NASA "Comet" Elenin C/2010.X1 will be in close proximity to our planet later this year according to computer simulations and its alignments from a distance has correlated with quakes in South America, New Zealand and Japan thus far.

Nuclear Plant Failure Radioactive Fallout

The Fukishima nuclear disaster has spread hot Alpha particles measured on the west coast and throughout the northern hemisphere of the planet. The potential for more nuclear plants to melt down if further worldwide disasters occur definitely exists. Several feet of earth with concrete and an air filter will protect you in case of such an event.

Safe Room for your Family

If you watch the news you are aware of intrusions into peoples homes and the steady rise of armed gang members expanding their territories. Being forewarned with a security system allows your family to escape to a safe area. Optional remote cameras survey your home above from within the shelter below.

Secure Storage for Valuables

With all your valuables stored in an underground shelter you can go on a vacation with the peace of mind that even if your house is burglarized, or worst yet burnt down to the ground in the event of a fire, your valuables will be safely protected underground.

Gun Vault

Valuable gun collections are best in a non accessible location out of your home. While keeping a few of your primary weapons immediately accessible if needed. Underground gun vaults are an ideal way to keep your weapons out of sight to protect your investment from unauthorized access.

Protection from Nuclear Warfare

During the cold war there was a big market for "bomb shelters". Today with rogue nations and experts saying that it's not if, but rather a matter of when the US might expect a nuclear attack, it's still not out of question. Shelters can be fitted with air filtration to protect against radioactive particles from fallout.

Protection from Biological Warfare

Shelters can be fitted with air filtration to avoid biological agents during a biological warfare attack.

Protection from Chemical Warfare

Shelters can be fitted with air filtration to avoid chemical agents during a chemical warfare attack.


Our priority is to protect your family, valuables and your confidentiality